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Composite Restoration

Composite restoration is a quick, painless procedure that can fix various dental problems. Plus, it’s much more affordable than other restoration methods.

  • Customize to match the colour of your natural teeth, and are generally considered to be more aesthetically pleasing than other types of dental restoration.
  •  Composite resins are also less likely to require extensive preparation and can be customized to each patient’s unique anatomy.
  • As a result, composite restoration is an excellent option for patients with a lot of caries, chipped teeth or who don’t want excessive preparation.
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How It Works???

Composite restoration is a dental procedure used to repair damaged teeth. The first step is to remove any existing decay or damage from the tooth. Next, the tooth is prepared for the composite filling by roughening the surface to ensure a good bond. Once the tooth is prepared, the composite material is applied in layers and hardened with a special light. The final step is to polish the composite to match the surrounding teeth.

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Benefits on the Way

Composite restoration has many benefits and can be customized to each patient’s unique anatomy.

The professionals who perform this service can give you a Composite restoration that most practitioners usually miss.

Including that it is minimally invasive and can be customized to each patient’s unique anatomy.

Composite restoration is also reproducible and can be replicated if necessary.

Why and For Who Can

Onyx Medical Center offers a composite restoration service that is second to none. We use a variety of composite shades of high quality to match the existing tooth structure precisely. This results in a highly undetectable and natural-looking final product. In addition, our composite restorations are very strong and durable and can last many years with proper care.

Composite restoration is a conservative alternative to crowns and veneers. It can be used to treat a variety of dental concerns, including caries, chipped teeth, and tooth wear. A composite restoration is also an option for patients who do not want to undergo excessive tooth preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do implant crowns get cavities?

Implant crowns are an artificial tooth replacement option surgically implanted into the jawbone. Unlike dentures or bridges, implant crowns are not susceptible to cavities. This is because the implant is made of metal, and tooth enamel does not adhere to metal.

How long do implant crowns last?

Implant crowns can last many years, but eventually, they need to be replaced. The lifespan of an implant crown depends on many factors, including how well you take care of your teeth and whether you have any underlying health conditions. With proper care, implant crowns can last for ten years or more.

Do implant crowns cause pain and discomfort?

Like any dental procedure, they can cause some pain and discomfort. The good news is that this discomfort is typically mild and short-lived. Most patients report feeling only minor soreness and tenderness for a day or two after their procedure.

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13:59 23 Oct 22
I have been visiting the clinic for almost a year now. Dr Marwan worked 4 times on my teeth and saved me from 12 years of paid and wrong medical treatments. It is so great to feel human after year of suffering and insecurities. I have also got to be a patient of Dr Mahmoud Akrama 7 times who had worked me my filling, Botox, facial profile and advise and fat burning. Onyx is a complete medical center that service under one hive that patient does not need to move around from clinic to another. They work in a discreet location and rooms. Dr Marwa was also wonderful and I love how she cares about the brands she is using and being informative about what to use and avoid. She made me glow before a wedding people forgot the groom. My next service would be hair transplant, I met the dr and her advise was true to the fact. I have seen her work and it is true to human looks. I am working to move my physiotherapy to Onyx. Nothing is fake or plastic looking at Onyx. All natural preservation of years that life and mr gravity where not kind to. I am extremely happy with my results and excited to see further future results. Thanks Onyx Medical Center.
manikandan jothimanikandan jothi
07:30 24 Sep 22
Good service from the whole team and all are very professional.Special thanks to Dr. Mahmoud Akrama for a quick and understandable explanation about the treatment and procedures.After two sessions of PRP and Hair filler I’m feeling my hair fall is little reduced,Highly recommended.
Franklin van WingerdenFranklin van Wingerden
07:40 04 Aug 22
Had the pleasure of getting a filling and cleaning procedure with Dr. Ibrahim Al-Najjar.I must say that he was very helpful and patient, went above and beyond to even show me the decayed molar with a camera to help me understand the problem.Apart from that, the filling and dental cleaning were a pain-less experience.From the reception, which were helpful and responded in a speedy manner, to the assistant who was very friendly all the way to the GP itself I have had a 5/5 experience.Definitely my go-to dentist from now on.Thanks Onyx Medical Center team!