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Tips to Reduce Knee Pain

Walking - inactivity is the main cause of knee pain in most elderly people. As activities and workload decrease with age, older adults tend to stop their physical movement. To achieve balance, one should make going for a walk in the morning/evening a routine to maintain muscle strength and endurance. A sedentary lifestyle makes the knees stiff and therefore painful.

Knee press - Lie on the bed with your knee straight. Keep a rolled towel under your knee joint and press it against the towel and hold for five seconds. Helps improve thigh muscle strength.

Heel Press - Lie flat on the bed with your knees straight. Continue rolling the towel under the ankle joint, pressing it against the towel and holding it for five seconds. Helps improve hamstring muscle strength.

Knee flexion - stand with the front part facing the back of the chair. Put your feet slightly apart and shift your weight over your left leg. Keeping your knee slightly bent and bending your right knee, lift the right foot toward your buttocks. Repeat 10 to 15 times. This will help increase the flexibility of the knee muscles.

Knee squat - Stand with the front of the chair facing in, feet slightly apart and knees bent, keeping your back straight. This will allow you to strengthen your knees as a whole.

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