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Onyx Medical Center is a leading premium Multi-Specialty Medical Center in Dubai. To keep users informed about the newest therapies, new content is always being uploaded to our official website. You should not rely on any information on this website; it is provided only for informational purposes.

  • Future Outcomes: The testimonials posted on the website do not promise that users will have the same level of success. Individual variations in response to treatment may arise from the fact that each person’s body is different and responds differently.
  • Images Disclaimer: To inform visitors about the potential outcome, pictures from both before and after the therapy have been posted to the website. We can’t promise you will get the same outcomes as these pictures show.
  • External Links: To assist users in learning more about the subject, we have included links to other websites on our website. We only provide these links for informational purposes; therefore, we disclaim all liability if utilizing our website results in any negative outcome for you.
  • Content: The Enfield Royal Clinic owns all of the content that is posted on this website. Both local and international copyright laws and intellectual property rights safeguard the content on this website.
  • Legalities: You cannot schedule a treatment session if you are younger than 18 because you are not yet of legal age to make decisions. Secondly, if something goes wrong with you, we won’t be held accountable. Remember that no one may bring a lawsuit against us for any losses or damages incurred as a result of accessing this website.
  • Medical Advice: If you rely on the information on this website instead of seeking official advice from one of our medical professionals, we disclaim all liability for what might happen to you. The information can help you comprehend the treatment better, but it shouldn’t be your only source of knowledge while making crucial medical decisions.
  • Treatment Results: We cannot guarantee that the treatment will be beneficial. Since each person reacts differently, the results will vary. You should always consult our professionals before undergoing any surgery.
  • Veracity of Information: At the time of publication, the information was deemed factual and correct; however, subsequent events may have an impact on the veracity of the site’s content.
  • Contact us: If you would like more information, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us at any moment. The permission document also lists all dangers and complications. Before signing, carefully read it.