Onyx Medical Centre - Premium Multispecialty Medical Clinic in Arjan


Our team are highly qualified experts in their fields. From specialists with masters degrees to highly experienced healthcare professionals. Specialized treatment requires specialists, at Onyx Medical Center, our cadre strive to always provide the highest quality treatment as well as give every treatment option to suit each case. A consultation with our specialists gives all the information patients require to understand what treatment options would suit them best. A well informed patient can best decide what suits them. Your health is in your hands and we will be there with you.

Dr. Beshr Turk
Dental General Practitioner
Dr. Pratik Premjani
Specialist Orthodontist
Dr. Sadia Akhter
General Dentist
Ms. Marwa Alrawas
Beauty Therapist
Dr. Sara Aksamawati
Pediatric Dentist